Is a nurturing conditioner providing long-lasting moisture: it intensively nourishes and protects eyelashes
and eyebrows. When used daily this rich combination of D-panthenol and glycerine helps to prevent dry,
brittle eyelashes and eyebrows, preserving their full length and making them look healthy and stringer.
Conditioning Eyebrow Gel/Clear Mascara:
Can be used to hold firmly your brows in place or for a very natural look. It is very popular between teenagers for long eyelashes.

Beside this clear mascara comes with a comb and brush in the same tube.

How to use: Like hair spray for your arches, use alone or on top of brow color to subdue even the most misbehaving brows.

Fibers for lashes
Instant False Eyelashes! Contains fine black fibers that adhere to your mascara, creating the dramatic look of big, bold false eyelashes.

Application: apply your favorite mascara. While still wet, touch the eyelash extender to the tips of your lashes, then apply second coat of mascara.
Combing between applications of mascara.

Comes off when you take off your mascara.

Is not recommended for sensitive eyes or individuals with Extended-wear contact lenses.


Lizette Mineral Highlighter Natural white shimmering color. This outstanding makeup will enhance your eyebrow to create a highlight that opens up the eyes. It will make you look younger and sexier.

Apply just below the arch of the eyebrow line. This is a color that every woman must have in her cosmetics case. $18.00

Bronzer: This bronzing compact imparts a sun-kissed look. Fine powder; provides transparent light coverage and photo reflective pigments that help soften the appearance of fine lines. As a highlight, gives a healthy grow. Use to accentuate features (cheek, bones, eye sockets, forehead, chin and décolletage) for a professional result. Apply over make up or highlight bare skin.
Loose Powder: Moisturizer powder excellent for finishing makeup, not limited to the eyebrow. $15.00
Oil Free – Dual Foundation: This outstanding make up can be applied with a dry sponge for a matte finish or with moistened sponge for total coverage, and will enhance your face and neck making you look younger and sexier. This is a product that every woman must have in her cosmetic case. It comes in 7 different colors to choose from with 1 being the lightest shade and 7 being the darkest shade.
Oil Free-Dual Foundation $20.00 Choose your color option:

Concealer: Essential for most women to cover the dark circles around the eyes. Comes in four different tones for your color skin necessities, Light,Fair/Natural, Medium and Dark. $28.00

Color Choices

White Pencil (eyeliner): For big sparkly eyes. Inside the eye or outside opens up the eye making eyes look bigger. $10.00



Disposable Eyebrow Razors: Achieve beautiful eyebrows in just seconds with the bright easy to use eyebrow razor.  Ideal for eyebrow shaping and lightweight, these brightly colored, foldable razors are perfect for those on the go. Recommended use on delicate skin, to prevent cuts and skin irritation. 

$10.00 (3-pack).

Tweezers: Professional quality. Easy grip action, removes the most difficult hairs quickly and effectively. $8.00

Eyebrow Brush: A brow brush is indispensable for smooth, perfect looking eyebrows. $5.00
Le Poudre: Quality crafted natural Brush for loose Powder. $10.00
Lip Gloss: High shine with lip conditioner, sleek on lips for beautiful shine and transparent finish or wherever lips need soothing, hydrating or fortifying. $10.00

Body Glitter: This glittering loose powder will enhance the sexy look around the parts of your body of your preference(be careful around the eye area). With a lip-gloss can be use with your favorite color lipstick, with your favorite body lotion all over your body, around your chest, shoulders and legs. Try also with a clear nail polish over your color nails, on your hair with your favorite hair lotion. Be creative! $15.00

Eyebrow Powder Brush: This is a special brush designed to easily handle and made with a goat soft hair for perfect powder application with the stencils. $5.00
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