We believe that the products physical presentation is #1. That’s why we have created a variety of different displays for presentation. Besides, they all fit in a very small area
Because your never going to have a second chance to make a first good impression

Acrylic Displays:

White & Clear Acrylic Display for Lizette Eyebrow Makeup kit. Beautiful and elegant way to display and store. The product comes with our 10 different colors, 10 brushes and eight different stencils.

Color: White and clear
Dimensions: L x W x H 11 x 9 x 8
With Flyer: 11 x 9 x 16
Weight: 4 Lb.


Our transparent Acrylic Tester Bar with our 10 different colors is excellent to do demonstrations in or out of the salon. Including 10 brushes and our eight different stencils. Easy to carry on and play around the Salon.

Color: Clear
Dimensions: L x W x H 12 x 5 ½ x 1 ½
Weight: 2 Lb.

Acrylic Display for Oil Free Dual Foundation:

Beautiful and elegant way to display and store. The product comes with our 7 different colors.

Color: Black and Clear
Dimensions: L x W x H 11 x 9 x 8
Weight: 3 Lb.

Acrylic Display for Bronzer:

Beautiful and elegant way to show and storage the product. It comes with a tester, excellent for makeover.

Color: Black and Clear
Dimensions: L x W x H 9 x 5 x 8
Weight: 1 Lb.

Acrylic Display for Highlighter:

Beautiful and elegant way to show and storage the product. It comes with a tester, excellent for makeover.

Color: Black and Clear
Dimensions: L x W x H 9 x 5 x 8
Weight: 1 Lb.

Remember, if you apply it ,they will buy it!
I would appreciate it if you could take some time to read my suggestions for the maximized and most effective use of the Lizette Eyebrow Makeup Kit. As you may already know, the kit consists of a water resistant pressed shadow, eight different stencils and an applicator brush that comes in a beautiful black compact case with two sides to be opened, one for the powder and the other side for the brush and the mirror.
Lizette Marie de Armas
Suggestions are as follows:
  • For flawless eyebrows it is recommended that you begin with clean skin, free of oils that might interfere with the final results.
  • We have to remember that one of the purposes of beautiful eyebrows is the arch. This achieves a major expression of your eye. It’s important to always begin by placing the stencil directly along the arch of your eyebrow and remember to press and hold firmly against the arch. If the stencil is too long for your eyebrow do not finish filling the outer corner of your eyebrow. Instead move the stencil up so it fits your eyebrow and finish coloring it in. If your eyebrow is too long for the stencil, and you have finished coloring it in, use the thinnest stencil and place it on the outer corner of your eyebrow to extend it and finish coloring it in.
* Lizette is excellent for shaping the eyebrows too. You can use it as a guide by coloring the eyebrow in very dark using the stencil of choice for the desired result.
Once you are finished coloring it, use the darkened area as a guide to remove any stray hairs that fall outside the shaded area. Once you are done, clean the eyebrow reapply the makeup as you normally would. After you're finished show your customer the results and let her compare the groomed eyebrow to the untouchedone. By covering one side and showing the other you can obtain a surprising and positive reaction from the individual.
  • Lizette shadow is very versatile and you can use the same shade to achieve various results. Within the versatility you will discover, for example, our Ash Brown. When applied thickly it can be used on a black haired individual an, if you apply it lightly it can be used for an ash blonde individual. The Ash Brown is best for blondes that get a reddish toned result from the brown. It can also be used on blondes with dark brows that don’t lighten them. The Sand is another versatile shade that can be used to achieve a very natural finish. It astonishes how this shade turns brown on an individual with an olive skin tone. The brown's used on individuals with maroon toned hair and it can also be used on a redhead. The Cinnamon Brown can be use on redhead also. This is versatile too because it can be use on dark skin to achieve a maroon tone. The Grey can be used on white hair, gray hair, black hair and on ash blonde individuals. It also goes well with dark skinned individuals
  • Lizette is also used to introduce your clientele to permanent makeup. Eventually with use of this product more than 90% of your consumer becomes addicted to permanent makeup. For clients with permanent make up that have changed their color or have gotten darker, this is recommended for a natural finish, an also while they wait for the real color to appear.

The majority of costumers have eyebrows that are different color than their hair. It is recommended that the eyebrows need to be 2 or 3 shades darker than your hair color. There are a lot of cases in witch the eyebrows are too dark and no matter what color you apply, it doesn’t match the hair color in the least bit. In this case it is recommended that you add as an additional service, the bleaching on the eyebrows, with eyebrow bleach. Eyebrow bleach is recommended because the coloring can last up to one month compared to ten days with regular hair dye. The bleach you should use is the kind that is used to bleach facial hair. This will gently lighten the eyebrows to a perfect shade if you watch the process carefully and make sure it doesn’t bleach the eyebrow to a blonde shade. What you are trying to eliminate is the darkness of the eyebrow so that you can apply the shade evenly. Once you client has bleached their eyebrows two or three times, you will begin to notice that some of the hair will be lighter than others. At this moment you should lighten them to the lightest point so that you can dye them to the perfect shade with hair tint. Thanks to you, your client will sport their eyebrows like those of a super model, and you will achieve a lovely feeling of satisfaction when your costumer leaves whit a big smile on their face.

  • It also is wonderful product for cancer patients or individuals that have been under chemotherapy and as a result have lost their hair and eyebrows. Throughout the years we have had positive feedback from cancer institute centers and a people that volunteer their time to help the patients with the appearance. They have informed us, of the tremendous success and popularity of the eyebrow makeup kit with their patients. It really helps boost the individual self-esteem after such a traumatic experience.
  • I also learned from my Clients that my powder can be used to cover the grays for the hairline instead of using the crayon.
  • This powder is also great for those clients with a hair lose problem to camouflage the hair scalp and because we have the ten different colors we have a great opportunity to match the hair color.

In order to do more business and promote the product and also your services, I recommend advertising with a nice frame a package for Perfect Eyebrow:

Complete personalized design
Lizette Eyebrow Makeup Kit
2 Eyebrow Wax
$ 50.00

Don’t forget to remind your clients that their eyebrows are very important part of their face and eyes. Your eyes are the perfect weapons to conquer many things, anything from a job interview, a date, a first impression, etc. Perfectly arched eyebrows also adds a youthful appearance to any individuals overall look.

I hope that my makeup application tips will help you with your clientele. Also, if you have any tips that work well for you, please feel free to communicate them. Any questions or concerns you may have will also be warmly welcomed. I have been in the EYEBROW field for more than fifteen years and I would be more than happy to help you out in any way possible.

Warm wishes and best regards,

Lizette Marie de Armas


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